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Caihui Liu

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tongji University, China

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2009.9-Now, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Computer Science and Technology, Tongji University.
2001.9-2004.6, Master, Dept. of Management Science and Engineering, Nanchang University.
1997.9-2001.6, Bachelor, Dept. of Mathematics, Nanchang University.


My supervisor is Professor Duoqian Miao.

Research Interest

My research interest mainly includes Rough Set Theory, Granular Computing, Machine Learning, etc.


Book Chapter

  • 苗夺谦, 刘财辉, 王睿智. 粒计算中的不确定性分析. 苗夺谦, 李德毅, Y.Y. Yao等编著:《不确定性与粒计算》, 科学出版社, 2011.10.

Journal Paper

  • Caihui Liu, Duoqian Miao, Nan Zhang. Graded rough set model based on two universes and its   properties. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2012, (33): 65-72.

  • 高灿, 苗夺谦, 张志飞, 刘财辉. 主动协同半监督粗糙集分类模型. 模式识别与人工智能, 2012, 25(5): 745-754.

  • 余鹰, 苗夺谦, 刘财辉, 王磊. 基于变精度粗糙集的KNN分类改进算法. 模式识别与人工智能, 2012, 25(4): 617-623.

  • 刘财辉,苗夺谦. 基于矩阵的粗糙集上、下近似求解算法. 计算机应用研究, 2011, 28(5): 1628-1630.

Conference Paper

  • Caihui Liu, Duoqian Miao. Covering Rough Set Model Based on Multi-granulations, S.O. Kuznetsov et al. (Eds.): RSFDGrC 2011, LNAI 6743, pp.87-90, 2011.


Mail: Caihui Liu Office: Room 501, Telecom Building,
School of Electronics and Information Engineering Jiading Campus of Tongji University
Tongji University, Jiading Campus
No.4800 Cao'an Highway, Jiading District Email:
Shanghai 201804, China

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