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Zehua Zhang

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tongji University, China

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Since Mar. 2009, I am a Ph.D. candidate of Tongji University.  
 From Sep. 2006 to Sep. 2008, I studied in Department of computer science of University of Science and Technology of China, as a domestic youth visiting scholar led by the academician Guoliang Chen.  
 I received M.E. degree from Taiyuan University of Technology in Jul. 2006.


My supervisor is Professor Duoqian Miao.

Research Interest

My research interest mainly includes uncertain reasoning and knowledge discovery on complex networks, such as structural analysis on social networks and affection analysis on public opinion


Journal Article

  • 张泽华, 苗夺谦, 钱进. 邻域粗糙化的启发式重叠社区扩张方法. 计算机学报, 2013, 36(10): 2078-2086.

  • J. Qian,       D.Q. Miao, Z.H. Zhang, W. Li.       Hybrid approaches to attribute reduction based on indiscernibility and       discernibility relation. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning       52(2) (2011) 212–230.

  • 钱进, 苗夺谦, 张泽华. 云计算环境下知识约简算法. 计算机学报, 2011, 34(12): 2332-2343.

Conference Paper

  • Zehua Zhang, Duoqian Miao, Jin Qian, Lei Wang. Qualitative Graphical Inference with Enhanced Knowledge Fusion. CCPR 2012, CCIS 321, pp. 33-40.

  • Zehua Zhang, Duoqian Miao, and Jin Qian. Hierarchical Qualitative Inference Model with Substructures. In: the 6th International Conference on Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology (RSKT2011), 9-12 October 2011, Banff, Canda, pp. 753-762. (Best Student Paper Award)


Mail: Zehua Zhang Office: Room 501, Telecom Building,
School of Electronics and Information Engineering Jiading Campus of Tongji University
Tongji University, Jiading Campus Tel: (+86)138-1621-3222
No.4800 Cao'an Highway, Jiading District Email:
Shanghai 201804, China MSN

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